Personal chef Services

I can solve your "What's for dinner" problem!

What's for dinner? Ask any of today's busy families and you'll hear answers such as, "I picked up Chinese take out", or "I used uber eats on the way home", or "I'll pop a frozen dinner in the microwave." What if you could experience a restaurant style meal in your own home, with a health conscious twist? Home cooked. No hassle. No clean up. My personal chef service offers a variety of options -  meal planning, personal shopping for the freshest ingredients, and prepping nutritious meals for busy people. 

How it works

Each week, I will design a menu specifically for you and your family using fresh, seasonal ingredients for you to review. With the week's menu established, I will visit your home on a scheduled basis- most families start with one or two days a week. I start each day shopping for the best ingredients available and then I prepare your meals, right in your own kitchen. I will always leave your kitchen clean and tidy. Food will be packed and left with easy reheating instructions. Weekly delivery packages start at $300 for four dinners per week. This price does not include the cost of groceries. 

Imagine this

Close your eyes and imagine coming home from your long, busy day, and in just ten minutes, you're sitting down and enjoying a delicious, well-balanced dinner with your family. 

Is this luxury or necessity?

If one of your first thoughts is that this service is a luxury you can't afford, think again. What is your time worth? Time is the most precious commodity we have. Good health is just as important. What is the point of being successful if you aren't healthy enough to enjoy the results of your success? A personal chef service is cost effective and can actually save you time and money. 

Dietary Accommodations

Performance Nutrition for Pro Athletes

Serving members of the NBA, NFL, MLB, & USA Olympic Teams

Organic Spa, Vegetarian, Vegan

Clean Fresh and Full of Flavor

Special Diets

Celiacs, Diabetic, Weightloss, Paleo, GAPS, Gluten-Free, 

Baby & Children

International Cusines

French, Medetarrainian, Spanish, Mexican, Asian, African, Italian, German, Greek, American

Sample Full Service Weekly Menu

Every menu is different & is customized to your familys needs